A Letter To Bruce.

Bruce, Unfortunately, my cat card has been punched by resident fiend & now sits on your lap, expecting Jesus. In my opinion, only cancer patients and psychopaths have cause to model bandanas. If you suffer from the former, may you be put out of your misery. If you are afflicted by the latter, may youContinue reading “A Letter To Bruce.”


To sculpt a face in the sands of time, sit at the mouth of eternity, pray the tongue of waste and wanting wont taste your tears, deem you lacking then retract and take with it the flavour of life. The salt of your identity joins waters dark and turbulent, where reflections are foreign and theContinue reading “KareKare”

The mind of man.

The siren song bids this nightmare live A call to arms, to walk among us. In familiar robes, parading smiles Stealing vision and thanking you. In the wake of heavy steps Dust settles on the mind of man Tongues throw words to death Whose ears are victim and suffers too. So they gather, to countContinue reading “The mind of man.”