Extract #1

‘Late. I’m not quite sure for what, though the nagging anxiety that sits in my gut, extends its hands and takes hold of my breath, implies there was a time and place. My thoughts have not yet reconciled with the body and float above me, spitting resentment upon the vessel that steals them from dreams,Continue reading “Extract #1”

Good Dog.

Once I taught a dog to sit & thought myself a teacher When he would no longer stand I became oppressor. He whimpered for instruction Was it fear or respect That pinned him. Was he simply forgetful? Had time brought him to An unfavourable age His last trick learnt & now surrendered. So I satContinue reading “Good Dog.”


Resting at Icoco I observe a bird Pecking at street paste. Unrecognisable colourless goo. No features, congealed puddle of nothing. I however, days prior Was privy to its conception. This anonymous jello The bird so furiously consumes Was once its kin. Too slow in flight Caught the fury of A steel horse Kissed a thousand timesContinue reading “HUNGER.”


Purpose is elusive. Not a glimpse have I caught. I imagine it similar to Assembling a wrist watch With ultimate precision Master craftsmanship Total care. But forsaking the hands Purpose. It functions perfectly Ticks as it would Not a second fast But the face is bare. It says nothing. Hold it up to your earContinue reading “Purpose.”

Chimp Advice.

To exist and succeed You must enter The chimp like state. Surrender ambition & Play ball with the armless Make sure to compliment them On their competency. Good catch, he says. Actively inhibit cerebral stimulation Questions should not be asked & anyway Honest answers Are a whisper In the daydream Of a schizophrenic. Above all,Continue reading “Chimp Advice.”

The New Client.

As you crawl out from beneath The belly of a snake Grotesque arms, skin and bone Drag the body of a fleshy slug Writhing in filth Guttural wailing offends the air Jaw hangs loose as Tongue convulses Licking twisted lips Chapped and bleeding Over toothless gums Eyes bulge retinal hernia Veins pulsate as Heart palpitatesContinue reading “The New Client.”

Guantanamo Brain.

What nightmares manifest & drag their feet Thru the multitudinous corridors Of this prison. At low tide Lobster thoughts are beached On the shores of confusion Snapping vicious hissing Frothing starved insane & now the lights are on In Guantanamo brain. What creature could find peace? Here Engraved in cold stone walls A tribute toContinue reading “Guantanamo Brain.”


I’m sure you would plead Innocence still Whimpered From the basket At the foot of a guillotine. As if to know no wrong Means you do no wrong. Ah, but the cookie did crumble & the crumbs drew ants & the ants marched loudly & in unison To your homestead Where they found you WithContinue reading “Guilty.”


You know, it’s all go. Head down, ass up. A manic ride of obedient forgetfulness Until one day, it’s not & you sit down & you take a look around You don’t recognise the people You aren’t familiar with the place Someone’s squawking nonsense Waiting for your reply You don’t know what the fuck theyContinue reading “The GRIND.”


Self-maddening perpetual pep talk Who could drink these thoughts & walk straight? Innumerable amounts squeeze through The infinitesimal feed I catch but two or three Hold them for a moment – No good. I send them back from whence they came. Hungover sentience prepares A worthy meal Warm buttered consciousness Evenly spread over crispy, toastedContinue reading “Lino.”